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Professional Locksmith Serving Jersey City, NJ

Most people can relate to the feeling of locking their keys in the car. Or perhaps you slammed the house door shut only to remember that you left the keys on the kitchen counter. Gladstone Lock & Safe can help those in northern New Jersey with these and many other locksmith problems. We offer quick and professional service. Our 24/7 locksmith services are available even on holidays, so you can call anytime to receive the assistance you need.

Mobile Automotive Locksmith Services

Our trained professionals can offer automotive locksmith services if you have locked your keys in the car. Using specialized tools and techniques, we can unlock your car door and get you on your way again. It does not matter where you are located: your home, a parking lot, or on the side of the road; we will arrive quickly so that you aren't stranded for long. In addition, if you ever need extra keys, we can make those too.
Locked Car - Locksmith Service in Jersey City, NJ


Residential Locksmith

Similarly, we offer residential locksmith services at any time of the day or night. We can unlock the doors to your home, install new locks, or re-key your locks.
Metal Door Handle - Locksmith Service in Jersey City, NJ


Safe Experts and More

As safe experts, another service we provide is the proper installation of safes. Moreover, we can provide you with information and security systems to keep your home safe and secure at all times.
Luxurious Safe Deposit Boxes - Locksmith Service in Jersey City, NJ


Commercial Locksmith Services

Gladstone Lock & Safe also performs commercial locksmith services for businesses. We can install the necessary locks and additional security systems to ensure your business is adequately protected. We can tailor a system to meet your unique needs and budget.
Security Lock - Locksmith Service in Jersey City, NJ
So, the next time you find yourself in need of a locksmith, call Gladstone Lock & Safe to get the job done right.